Fernando II


Passionate about technique and perfection, an early dancer, evolves through constant learning.

Believes that technique is the key to a master body control and to full harmony between each movement.

A pursuit of perfection and for spectacular dance moments makes those who are watching him, and the Woman who accompanies, feel the time stop and delight with every step.

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Fernando is son of two great dancers. Breaths and lays dance in everything he does. Lives, from birth, in the World of dance and spectacle. His first steps were on a stage.

Full of dreams, dancing is as natural as breathing. Each step, in whatever style it is, comes out fluid and magical, carrying who accompanies him to a World where Dance commands life and where each move is unique and special.

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38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45


Padded tongue inside, to provide more comfort to your feet.

Padded Insole

Leather padded insole, removable and ergonomic.


Black suede sole, treated with chromium for a better control of the adhesion and better adaptation to different floors.


The heel consists of a dense foam, designed to cushion the movements and the transfer of weight.


It is recommendable to use specific products for better conservation of the materials.


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